The first donation made by the fund to honor mom purchased one new or gently used book for every child at Phelps Luck Elementary School in Columbia, Maryland. A designated Title I School, the books were given on Read Across America Day, March 29th, to support childhood literacy and build on every child’s love of reading. Anyone that knows mom, knows that she loved reading! She would spend hours in Hallmark reading cards and would stay up all night enjoying a good book. She valued education very much, and would give a book as a gift to share knowledge, inspiration, give hope, or just tell somehow how she felt. I am enjoying rereading the messages in numerous books she gave me.  This donation is also special because mom deeply valued diversity, culture, and inclusion. She would be so happy to know that Bilingual books were also purchased with these funds, making it possible for children to attain exposure to a new language and culture or feel accepted in their own. Making everyone feel included and accepted was something easy and unquestionable for mom. Books are a place of opportunity, and we are so happy that mom’s fund can make them more accessible to the students at Phelps Luck Elementary School in Howard County, Maryland.

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