This holiday season the CACEASF made a donation to the Lourie Center Early Head Start Adopt A Family Program to purchase educational/developmental toys for children to support their growth, development and ultimately school readiness. The Lourie Center for Children’s Social & Emotional Wellness is a private, non-profit agency located in Maryland with a mission to improve the social and emotional health of young children and their families through prevention, early intervention, education, research and training. The agency’s Early Head Start Program provides comprehensive, year-round, child and family development services to low-income families with children, prenatal to three years old.

Our mom grew up living and breathing Community Action and Head Start.  Her father, Leon H. Rogers, was the Executive Director (1965-1997) of the first Community Action Agency in Oklahoma, which also administered the first Head Start program in the state.  He and my grandmother instilled a deep love and appreciation for people, community, and education.  Mom was a staunch advocate for Head Start and Early Childhood Education and was the momma bear for all vulnerable children…you could hear her voice loud and clear when she championed the causes near and dear to her heart.  She always said if we could reach more children in the early years and provide them a comprehensive educational experience [like Head Start] then she would have students ready to learn and excel in middle school.  She was incredibly proud of Head Start’s mission and our family’s legacy.  She would be honored to support children and families in need this holiday season.

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