The Prague Middle School Student Leadership Team in Prague, Oklahoma received financial support from the CACEASF to support school and community initiatives, including tutoring students and assisting teachers during the day and after school.

Angela and I  are so glad that this donation can benefit not only the community of Prague, but also the social and emotional growth of Prague Middle School students. Our mother loved teaching middle school and retired from teaching at Prague Middle School. Like most children, we don’t know everything about our mother’s life’s work or her numerous contributions, but we can speak to her commitment to the communities and students where she worked. She taught in three very different communities in Oklahoma; Shawnee, Oklahoma City, and Prague. Mom  was an incredible teacher and mentor because she made an effort to know the communities and populations where she taught and to try to understand the challenges where her students lived and breathed daily. She took time to provide social and emotional supports to her students that are still very much needed today, but provided less and less due to rules, rigor, and expectations placed on our teachers and students. She participated as Student Council Sponsor throughout her teaching career supporting similar school and community initiatives to this grant’s purpose. She provided countless hours of free tutoring and devoted herself as a avid fan of her school’s sports.  Many, many student’s remember the time and effort “Mrs. C” made to listen and encourage them in their academics and to be themselves! This donation honors her life’s work, her humanity, and her “school spirit”.

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