The CACEASF donated to a wonderful project at Phelps Luck Elementary School located in Columbia, Maryland to support an innovative project started by a very special school Librarian! The project provides comfortable seating for students in their media center while reading and doing collaborative learning projects.  “Mrs. G’s” vision to create a comfortable space that is mobile replaces the typical old wooden chairs that are commonly used in school library settings with stools that are portable for students and staff to move around the library. She says, “this mobility will enhance our ability to engage in meaningful discussions and group projects easily. In our small library classroom space, the stools will provide more space for students to walk around because they have a smaller footprint.”

Like Mrs. ‘G’, our mother was lovingly called Mrs. ‘C’ by many of her students throughout the years. She was a Reading Specialist and dedicated her life’s work to helping children learn to read and write. She often commented after retirement that she would love to work in a library or even become a Librarian. What a wonderful profession and perhaps one that is overlooked today, as modern librarians play many roles in a school setting. They provide access to technology, participate in research, support teachers and staff with resources and information, are masters at creating displays to draw in students imagination, and they often use their expertise and/or background in other subject areas to reach their students. Most importantly, librarians still continue to insight children’s passion for reading and learning through all their creative work and projects.


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